fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables corrugated cardboard

an efficient packaging

• Lightweight and robust
• traceable
• Protector
• Hygienic
• Machineable
• ergonomic
• Communicating
• economical
• environmentally friendly

The corrugated cardboard tray is a high quality, functional and efficient packaging, giving a response to the special needs of the agricultural sector. It has multiple functions:

• Flexibility and responsiveness of supply
• A lightweight packaging
• Used to transport, protect, ventilate
• A clean and safe packaging
• traceability and information vector
• promotion vector
• A wide range of sizes
• Standardized at European level to optimize logistics


Recyclable or reusable ? This is the question!

CFQ standard
CFQ standard

Standards of quality?

carton ondule de france make a commitment

for the fruit and vegetables growers to be given the free choice of packaging

On 14 January 2015, at the SIVAL in Angers, Bertrand Arnault, President of COF, Michel Blanchet, President of Siel Grow and Jacques Rouchaussé, President of the french Vegetables growers, signed a charter for the producers to be given the free choice of packaging.

“free choice of packaging” charter

“Free choice of packaging” charter

“We, vegetable growers in France, are committing to providing consumers with healthy, tasty, fresh products, while respecting the legal, health, social, environmental and economic requirements.
In order to do this, together with our packaging suppliers, we demand the free choice of the type of packaging and the materials used to package these products.
We want nobody to impose on us a type of packaging for our products because we think we know them better than anyone else.
It is only by having this choice that we are able to assume our profession of producer in the noblest sense of the term and to deliver a product that conforms to the requirements of consumers and which, therefore, be beneficial to the entire production and distribution chain. “

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