Corrugated board industry
in france

The french corrugated board industry means


production sites

11 600

40 000
direct, indirect, and induced jobs

2021 market

€ 3.23 billion in turnover
+12.6% compared to 2020

2.77 million tons
+5.1% compared to 2020

5.6 billion m²
+5.3% compared to 2020

Market structure

Distribution of corrugated cardboard sales

  • Converted corrugated cardboard
  • Plates of rolls corrugated cardboard

Client markets:
uses of corrugated cardboard packaging

  • Agribusiness
  • Consumer goods
  • Intermediary goods
  • Capital goods
  • Others

France’s position within Europe and globally
France is in third place in Europe behind Germany and Italy and in tenth place globally.

Sales by European countries 2018 (1000t)

Source FEFCO 2016 

Sales across the world (millions m2)

Source ICCA 2018 

More about market sectors

Fruits & vegetables sectors
Fruits & vegetables

Fruits and vegetables sector

e-commerce sectors


Trends in 2019

French corrugated cardboard industry sales

France ran a trade deficit in the corrugated cardboard packaging market.
Almost 90% of French cardboard packaging imports come from European countries, notably Germany, Italy, Spain and Belgium (Source: Industrie du carton ondulé – report on the corrugated cardboard industry/Douanes).

Foreign trade in 2019
416 KT imported, + 3.2% compared to 2018
192 KT exported, – 8% compared to 2018

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